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December 25, 2023

Description of Pure Tuber MOD APK

The worst moment while enjoying any video is when an ad pops up in the middle of the video. When you put on your favourite song, which gets stuck in your head, the advertisement disturbs you and spoils your whole mood. Now, there is no solution for this; you have to wait until this advertisement ends, and your favourite video will start playing after it ends. But after today, you won’t have to go through this, and you won’t see any advertisements on your phone. Pure Tuber MOD APK is an application that will block all advertisements, so you will not see any advertisements.

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Whether you are watching any content on YouTube or on any other application where ads are constantly bothering you, after installation of this application, no app will disturb you while streaming your favourite content on any platform. The Pure Tuber MOD APK will act as an ad blocker for you, and the rest of its features will be helpful. Its features are not only limited to hiding ads but also many more features that will give you a better user experience. If you like YouTube and live-streaming video and audio content, this application is definitely for you.

This application can be used to give your YouTube a new look and add some new features to YouTube. Using this application will set up some additional features on YouTube which are not already there. All those features will be beneficial and valuable for all YouTube fans. It will significantly improve YouTube’s user experience and content quality.

Video Player

The Pure Tuber MOD APK provides its in-built video player app, which improves the video quality of the app. It has more features than YouTube’s video player and is easier to navigate. The number of elements is huge; users will find many advancements in this video player. The quality of any video can be adjusted as desired, and you can watch it in whatever quality you want. Depending on the device screen, all types of video quality are provided up to what your device supports.

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Background Play

You can’t watch any video on YouTube even if the screen is closed; if your screen is closed, the video will be closed. The background play option is not yet available on YouTube, and if you open any other application, the YouTube video will stop. YouTube must be unlocked to play the video. But in this application, you get a black background option to listen to any video or audio in the background. After selecting the background play option, you can close YouTube, but your video will continue playing in the background.

Floating Screen

The floating screen works like background play but lets you watch the video. Any video that users play will be displayed on a floating screen in a side corner. So, the video will continue playing, and users can open another application or do some other work on the screen during that time. Opening another application or closing YouTube will not affect the floating screen or playing video. Stopping or rewinding the video is possible from the floating screen.

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Trending Content

The Pure Tuber MOD APK will also provide suggestions for you. Whenever you open the app throughout the day, the videos that are trending and people are watching them with interest will appear in your suggestions. You will be able to see all the trending videos through this application and also read the people who are commenting on them.

Create A PlayList

It provides you with many advanced options that are not available to you on YouTube. Here, you can create your playlist by choosing different types of videos. Of course, you can select videos from any other channel and set them in an order. You can set the number of which video will be played after which video, which can also be done in the background.

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Final Remarks            

Pure Tuber MOD APK is an application that blocks ads running on YouTube and provides some additional features for YouTube. Here, you get many additional features like background play, ultra HD player, AdBlock and many more features you get to use here. This application works in all versions of YouTube, such as YouTube Red APK and YouTube Create APK. If you are curious to see some new features on YouTube and want to use this application, download it from here and enjoy it.