Jump Assemble Beta APK

Jump Assemble Beta

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January 6, 2024

Description of Jump Assemble Beta

Jump Assemble Beta APK multi-dimensional game assembles with your favorite Anime characters from One Piece, Dragon Ball, Naruto, and more. It is a creative game with various world characters, places, stories, and more. It is the best game for Anime lovers; you will experience all your favorite Manga here. In this game, you will travel through many dimensions and worlds, and you will also face a lot of difficulties in your way.

It is a beautifully designed game with high-quality graphics, a colorful world, attractive visuals, and animations. If you are an anime fan with more knowledge, this game will be exciting. This game has a creative and perfect environment that makes your game even more enjoyable. It is a fun and exciting combat game with high-quality gameplay.

It is a 5v5 battle game with everyone’s favorite manga characters. Using your characters, you can go through multiple dimensions and win battles. You can fight battles with the help of your characters’ skills and attributes. It is the time to show your abilities and play as Anime fan-favorite characters to win matches. It is free, and you can download and play it for free. Also, check Metal Mind APK and Bloons TD 6 Mod.

Jump Assemble Beta APK (MOD/Early Access) Download Free

More About Jump Assemble Beta APK

You must have played many games where you will see manga gameplay and characters, but Jump Assemble Beta APK is very special, where you will see real manga characters and perfect gameplay. With the help of the power of your characters, you will fight and win battles in the game. Along with all these, it also has a very fantastic storyline.

It provides an open gaming environment where you can play the game by realizing your character’s strengths and weaknesses. You can easily win the game by improving your weaknesses and using different strategies. Using your teammates, you can make a strong team and challenge powerful villains and devils in battles. It is the time to show your skills to the world of gamers through this game.

Features of Jump Assemble Beta APK

Jump Assemble Beta APK has exciting features that take your game to the next level. If you want to know about them in detail, then check below:

Intense Gameplay

In this game, you will get quality and smooth gameplay. It has stunning visual effects, music, and graphics. You will be blown away after seeing the characters in the game; they are designed precisely like what you see in the series. Detail images, high-definition audio, sound effects, and various amazing things make it more engaging and exciting.

Anime Characters

It contains iconic heroic anime characters that attract anime lovers. You will see Naruto, Goku, Luffy, Tanjiro, and more in the game. Every character is from another dimension, and every character has their qualities. All these fantastic characters make this game even more engaging.


In this game, you will play and experience a 5v5 MOBA game. After selecting one of the best Anime characters of your choice, you will play a battle game with your teammates. It has highly intense battles and challenges; you can win the game using your skills.


You can easily customize your characters, like their outfits, hairstyles, appearance, body, etc. You can easily edit or manage other elements with all these customization tools. If you want to make your character, you can easily upgrade it and boost its strengths.

Early Access of Jump Assemble Beta APK

This is a test beta version of the game that you can download to your mobile and experience the gameplay for free. It has not been released yet, so you can use its beta version to play the game. Before the game’s original version is available, it is an excellent opportunity to test the game.


How can I play Jump Assemble Beta Test APK?

If you want to play the beta test version of this game, you can download it from the above download link for free of cost.

Is it free to download and play Jump Assemble Beta APK?

Yes, it is the game’s beta version, and you can download play for free on this website.

Is it safe to play this game?

Yes, it is an entirely safe and secure game, and you can play it without hesitation.


The powers of Anime cheaters, different dimensions, and everything are shown well, attracting world gamers. This is the reason that the number of users of the game is growing, and people love it. It gained a lot of users from all over the world in a short period. If you are also interested in Jump Assemble Beta Test APK and want to play it, you can easily download and play it for free.