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July 31, 2023

Description of Ekstragram APK

Ekstragram APK is a social sharing application like other social platforms where users can watch and share visual stuff according to their interests. It has a user-friendly interface where tons of content is available. Users can post their videos and photos with their fans and followers. Building a community in this application is not much tough. You can get tons of followers by making engaging content. You can choose this app to increase your visibility on social sharing sites.

Here users will find the most satisfying content compared to other social sites. This app will take care of your interest and shows you the most respectful content, and you will enjoy the content provided by the app. It is available for Android and IOS to enjoy the features on any device.

Overview Of Ekstragram APK

It is a photo and video-sharing app that allows users to explore the stuff in the app according to their interests. Here users can enjoy the features such as photo sharing, video sharing, reels, and much more in this application. Following you are activities in the app will prefer you the best results.

Users can follow anyone in the app and comment and like options available for users. Like Instagram and Facebook, users can post their stories, and after 24 hours, their stories will disappear. Only the followers of the users can view and reply to the story.

Privacy and Security

The privacy and security of the application are very high. The priority of this application is to secure the user’s personal information. That means no one can access your information, and no one can steal your data. The security and safety of this application are appreciated able. Users do not need to hesitate to share the information in the application; it is fully safe and secure.

Quality Of Picture

When you upload any picture or video in the Ekstragram APK, the quality of that image or video will never reduce. It will be uploaded with its original resolution and size. Your images and content will be uploaded with original resolution, and you will never have issues regarding the quality of the images.


Ekstragram APK allows users to make reels and post reels in the app. Users can easily make reels and share them in the app to grow their audience. Users can make short reels up to 60 seconds, and they can use hashtags to grow the reels’ visibility and make reels shareable. That means your followers can share your reel with their friends.

Ekstragram APK Business

You can shop for items from here. You will find various products from here, all of which are verified. It will be your shopping app where you can purchase your favorite items directly. But if you want to sell your items in the app, you can switch to selling, where you can sell your products to your clients. You can build your store in the app to sell your products.

Live Group Chat

You can start your group chat with multiple friends. You can join a live room where you can add multiple friends to chat with. Here you can send emojis and text while calling; minimizing screen option is also available in this app. You can do your work in the background while talking to your friends in room chat. In the upcoming update, more features will be added to the app.


Users can react to other users’ photos and videos. Multiple reactions are available to users in the app. Users can also react to stories and share their reactions with others.


Ekstragram APK is one of the most useful social apps where users can post their thoughts and reactions. With photo, video, and reel sharing, users can increase the followership for their accounts. It can also be the best option to promote any online business. If you want a social network with a more user-friendly interface and advanced features, you can try it. It has many options and features, which are enough to satisfy any user for more apps and mods to stay connected to Pureapks.