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January 6, 2024


EA Sports FC Mobile Beta APK is here with the most advanced features and with stunning graphics. Try something new in this version of the game and experience the most advanced beta version. Enjoy the FIFA 24 Beta version and enjoy additional features, new gameplay, and all new improvements to the game. Before the release of the official FIFA 24 game, the Beta is available to football game lovers.

The game will run perfectly on Android Smartphones. It is very easy to play games with touch screens and easy controls; simple navigation helps you to play games easily. This is a great opportunity for FIFA game lovers to build their own teams and win big tournaments in this new version of the game. You can select your own favorite footballers like Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar, and many more. 

This is the limited beta version game of FIFA 24; you can join it before it gets full. You can join it from July 31 and August 31, so download it now and join for free. The official version of this game will be released later this year; before it comes out, enjoy the beta version. Developers made a lot of changes and improvements in the game, and this version is more advanced and good than the previous versions. So what are you waiting for? Grape the game file now. Also, check Winning Eleven 2012 and JGMFUT x MELON.

EA Sports FC Mobile Beta APK Download

More about EA Sports FC Mobile Beta APK

From the first versions of the FIFA game APK, people have shown huge love for it. After new versions are released, the game gets new features and improvements. People love all the games of FIFA because of their stunning graphics, music, sounds, and gameplay. After a long waiting, Developed made the FIFA 24 version, which will be released on September 2023. Before the official version comes, enjoy the EA Sports FC Mobile Beta APK.

People from all over the world join it and getting in before the date over. You can make your own in the game and train them for the big matches and tournaments. When you enter the game, it will show the tutorial on how to play this game. With the big stadium, huge crowd, and electrifying matches, this game is the greatest football video game. Start your new journey and be the number player.

Features of EA Sports FC Mobile Beta APK

As we are all aware of the FIFA football game features, it has always had the best gameplay and excellent graphics. In Every update and version, we see new features and improvements in the game, which make it too good. Check all the features of EA Sports FC Mobile Beta to know more about it.

Build Team in EA Sports FC Mobile Beta APK

You can make your own team and collect the top players from the world leagues. You can customize and train all your team players. Trained and improved their skills to prepare them for big tournaments and matches. You can choose real-life players and make your dream team.

Stunning gameplay and Graphics

It will give a great experience with ultimate gameplay and good graphics. There were lots of improvements done in visuals, graphics, and in the whole gameplay, which is the greatest of all time game.


You can join the training sessions in the game to improve your skills. There are a lot of tools in it to boost the player’s skills, stamina, and energy.

Easy Controls

The controls are pretty simple; you can easily move players and play. For the offensive and defensive movies, click on the right; for passing the ball, click on the empty spots; for shots and big hits, slide your finger on the screen; and to move your character, slide the navigations on the screen.


Is FIFA 24 Released?

No, the official version of FIFA 24 is not released yet; the expected date is September 2023.

When did I join the FIFA 24 mobile game?

You can join the beta versions from July 31 to August 30. After the date is over, you will never be able to play this game.

Is this game secure to download and install?

Yes, downloading and installing on Android Phones is fully safe and secure. PureAPks test the game file, and you can play it without any risk.

Final Thoughts

EA Sports FC Mobile Beta is the newly released Beta version of the FIFA 24 game, and Electronic Arts developed it. People e who are waiting for the FIFA 24 mobile game APK then here are the Beta versions; play this until the official version is released. You can play UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europe League, and The UEFA Conference League. Join the Beta version of FIFA 24 before the date is over. Enjoy new gameplay, graphics, and new versions of the FIFA 2024 football game.